Monday, June 30, 2008

Can I Tell You A Secret?

With the exception of hearts and rosettes, I love all things girly. I unashamedly painted Adriana's room pink trying to make it as feminine and pretty as possible. And I'm relishing the fact that, so far, she seems to love girly stuff as much as I do.
Anyway, when I was still pregnant with Adriana and knew I was having a girl, I wandered into Pottery Barn Kids. I saw a toy retro kitchen set that almost made my heart stop. It was gorgeous, heirloom quality, and pink! I reached down to check the price tag and then tried not to choke as my eyes took in the numbers. I realized that buying such a thing was a pipe dream.
Still, I couldn't get that set out of my mind. When Adriana was an infant, I mention the kitchen set to a couple of my girlfriends who informed me that another company made one of comparable looks and quality at much lower price. I researched it and found that it was still out of our price range.
As Adriana second birthday has been approaching, I watched her almost daily pull out all our play food and a pot to feed her babies.
"Wouldn't a kitchen set be nice?" I thought, "And wouldn't it be even nicer if it was retro and maybe pink?"
I went online and again checked prices which, of course, hadn't gone down a bit. I started scheming. Since the refrigerator that came with the set was not actually attached, maybe we could make that her Christmas gift which might help justify the cost. My husband still wasn't buying my idea. Then, to my delight, my parents agreed to go in with us on the gift. I could hear the angels with pink wings singing the "Hallelujah Chorus".
So shhhh, here is the secret. Yesterday, Steven and I set up a beautiful, pink kitchen set that we will be giving Adriana at the end of this week on her birthday. I felt like a little girl myself as I put my hand over the metal faucet and the smooth wooden cabinets. I have hardly ever been so excited about a birthday gift...and it's not even mine!


  1. I don't know if it is this one....but my friend got a pink one at Costco for a good deal.

  2. oh I love it!!! I wnat one in my house full size


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