Monday, June 23, 2008

Nature Smash

Being a mom in the summer is extra fun. There's so much more to get out and do; and as an added bonus, I have wonderfully tired children at nap time. We've been enjoying our fair share of picnics, pools, and parks.
The other day before we went on a walk, I gave the kids each a pail. I told them to fill it up with anything from nature that they thought was interesting. When we got home we sat on the sidewalk, talking about what each piece was and what purpose God had given to it. Then came the fun part...especially if you're a boy. I gave them a hammer; and with sissy at a safe distance, let them smash apart the nature items. I thought it was educational to see the insides of seed pods, and they were thrilled to be allowed to destroy something.
I've been purposely leaving the camera at home on our "adventures", but here's another tutu pic of Adriana on the railroad tracks in the late afternoon.

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