Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Toes

After having her aunts tell her about nail polish, Adriana came up to me and announced, "I want pretty toes!" So the other day while she was in her highchair for lunch, I granted her request.

She was very enthusiastic about having pink toenails and repeatedly showed them off to her brothers. This girl thing is just too much fun!

Over on the boy side of things, I have quotes from each:

As we took a walk Elijah pointed to a sign and asked me what it said.
"It says 'No Solicitors'," I answered.
Slightly concerned and wanting to proceed, he asked me, "Are we solicitors?"

While Adriana napped, Steven took the boys for a walk. When they returned, Isaiah excitedly told me, "Mom!! We saw a dead squirrel, and it didn't even have any bullet holes in it!"

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