Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In the middle of last night, I woke with a start. I had a gut feeling that someone else was in our room. While Steven slept soundly beside me, I lay still wondering if I had been dreaming. Then I heard breathing that I knew was not my husband's. My mind raced and my heart pounded. If it was an intruder, did he have a gun? Should I move? I opened my eyes but was unable to see anything in my pitch black room. I quickly shut my eyes thinking that it might be best to pretend to sleep until my husband awoke or I thought of a better plan. The breathing continued or what I'm sure was only a matter of seconds, but what seemed like long minutes to me. Finally there was a small noise I thought I recognized.
"Who's there?," I mustered. Elijah had been standing over me the whole time waiting for me to wake up to console him from a bad dream. You can imagine my sigh of relief. And when the morning came, I'm sure I saw a couple new gray hairs on my head.

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