Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

While my sons are running around the house like wild Indians, my daughter would much prefer to follow me around trying her best to help out with housework. She loves sorting the laundry with me or taking a wet rag around wiping walls or splashing in the dish water. Her absolute favorite thing to help with is cooking. So Saturday when Steven whisked the boys away for some "guy time", Adriana and I made a couple of pumpkin pies for our caregroup's Thanksgiving meal. I had her help every step of the way, and she stuck with me through the whole task and was thrilled to be doing such a "big girl" job. So while there are times, that having a two year old at my heels can reveal impatience in my heart, I love having the company and getting to begin the beautiful task of mentoring my girlie. What a gift!!

And thanks to Auntie Caroline for sending those matching aprons!


  1. LOVE the matching aprons. :)

  2. i always love a good feminist blog post. lol... ok, actually, i just bought this excellent book called "the gentle art of domesticity" and i'm eating it up, and thought of you and your matching aprons. but i have to say, hands down the cutest thing in this picture (besides your super skinnyness ... envy. envy. envy.) is..... your top. I love it!!! it's GORGEOUS. do you REALLY wear such cute things when you cook?! Also, I had a heart attack on your behalf just while READING your "intruder" story. In other homemaking news, isn't it just amazing how fun bonding it is with a daughter over house-stuff? I'd been mulling over how whatever attitude I display while doing housework will be the same (cheerful hearted or not) outlook that my grown daughter will likely one day have on it. Magically (aka ... God graciously) makes ME love housework more even when I'm just talking it up and trying to make it fun for her sake. Oh, and remember how I was gloating about how good Elaina was with only writing on paper with crayons in a previous blog post? PRIDE CAME BEFORE MY FALL. lol... Everywhere. White dresser. Blue walls. Green chairs. Now all streaked in orange. I have a 4x4 modern art piece on one wall in her room now that I'm tackling with Magic Eraser one day at a time. When I saw it, I just felt like laying down on the floor in defeat ... and then begging someone for a latte so I could conjure up the will to live another day with a 2-year-old. How did you do this THREE TIMES?!?!?!?! - Caroline PS: get on facebook!!!


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