Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Mix-Up

This week shaped up to be one of those weeks that looked busy on the calendar but was taken to another level in real life. I've decided that happens because, on the calendar, you don't have slots filled in for bad attitudes, sibling rivalry, and minor break-downs during Phonics. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for sympathy. I get my rewards in zur-burt kisses, tiny giggles, "Mommy, I love you"s, and bear hugs. I'm just stating the Mommy facts of life.

So last night, mixed in with running around like a chicken missing its you-know-what, my eldest kindly reminded me, "Mom, don't forget tomorrow is 'Crazy, Mix-up Day' [at co-op school]." Oh, fabulous. As I fell into bed last night, my littlest gymnast was extra energetic, making sure to keep me awake so that I could dream up what on earth I could dress the boys in the next morning.

We appropriately started our Crazy, Mix-Up Day with a crazy, mixed-up morning, scrambling around to find the right clothes. It culminated in Isaiah holding the iPod Touch up for me so that I could see the step-by-step instruction on Google for tying Elijah's backwards tie. We were done after 10 minutes and a bunch of whining for daddy. From me, not the kids. As we rushed, late, out the door, I realized that a photographic documentation was probably a good idea. So we ended up with something that looks more akin to mug shots of Mr. Half Summer, Half Winter and Mr. Backwards.

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