Monday, March 22, 2010

Preggo Pics

When the camera comes out, the place I want to be is behind it. Never is this more true than when I'm pregnant, specifically more than 6 months pregnant. If the camera adds 5 pounds when you're not pregnant, than it seems to add 15 pounds when you are. Or maybe it was the last 20 donuts you ate.

Besides having to be confronted with the fact that, yes, you have put on weight, and no, it's not just all baby, you also have own up to your face. Because, as if it doesn't look bad enough now, one day you will actually have to look back on these pictures wondering things like: "Was my face really that fat?!" and "Why didn't some stop and tell me it was that fat?!" Though if they had, the only choice at that moment would have been to punch theirs.

The problem is that my kids love looking at photos of me pregnant with them, and I happen to enjoy the photos of my mom pregnant with me. To further complicate my wish to remain unphotographed in the last trimester, my friends from afar convey wishes to see my preggo progress. And I'm the hypocrite who pesters long-distance, pregnant friends for a peek at their own blossoming bellies.

So here are some photos of my "four" children...

So there you have it, my pregnancy in all it's *cough* glory.

*Sigh* It's all too depressing, and I need some cheering up. I think I'll go have a donut.


  1. Enjoy the donuts while you can! =) You look adorable I must say.

  2. You look beautiful! I can't wait to see you in person. Maybe we will share a chocolate brownie (not a donut fan) when you get here.

  3. you're adorable. go eat an apple fritter, and lap up every door opened for you! love ya, C


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