Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Interrupt Your Winter Programming...For Spring!

The change from winter to spring seemed to happen in the matter of minutes here in Northern Virginia. One day we were having the blizzards of the century, and the next we were enjoying temperatures in the mid 60's. Thank God, because I was ready to migrate to Cancun at the next sighting of white...and I wasn't even shoveling!
This means we've gotten to take our three little couped-up-waaay-too-long bundles of energy outside. You know, the kind of going outside that doesn't involve one hour of bundling and two hours of cleaning up slush and drying everything down to their underwear by the fire. Ahh, spring!

While your kids are on the playground, swinging and sliding, my oldest is the one off on the sidelines playing with his favorite toy- sticks.

Steven was going around with this walking stick when Adriana informed him that he looked like Willy Wonka.
That would be a pretty scary version of Mr. Wonka...the kind that actually makes Johnny Depp look cuddly.

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