Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Egg Hunt

We started off our action-packed Easter weekend with an lively packing day on Thursday. First, we were getting excited with all the labor news that each phone call brought. And while I rushed around the house packing for all five of us and contemplating the fact that it was the last time I would pack for "just" five people, Elijah spiced things up a bit by accidentally slamming his bike into a parked car. I heard a scream and ran out to find a stitches work gash in his chin. Thoughts of Quick Care Center waits and unpacked items raced through my head, and I instead did what almost mother of boys has learned to do: reach for the trusty box of butterfly bandages. After a mix of motherly coaxing and boyish drama, Elijah was finally taped up and quite proud of his war wound.
Early next morning we were out of the house and on our way to Michigan. And on Saturday we went to the annual Sieb Easter Egg Hunt in Great Aunt Nancy's woods. We always have a big lunch with all the extended family afterwards; but the new tradition was doing this at the bowling alley that Great Uncle Dick owns. Because what feels more Easter-ish than bowling!? As you can imagine, the kids had a blast with everything!

At the Sieb Egg Hunt, finding a golden egg is your ticket to receiving a chocolate bunny!


  1. Adriana's hair is soo cute in buns and I love her jacket.. great pics and the new baby is so precious.. I hope that is got you excited about what will be in your arms in 8 weeks..

  2. oh my, the kids are growing up so fast! and I LOVE Adriana's pig-tail buns! I'm a huge huge fan, can't wait til Lindsay's hair is long enough so I can fix it like that :)


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