Monday, April 19, 2010


Some recent great moments/quotes from my eldest...

Steven and I thought we were alone in the hallway; so my affectionate hubby started making out with me. Suddenly we heard Isaiah's voice behind us calling out to his siblings, "HEY, GUYS, COME WATCH THE SHOW!"

Steven was trying to keep the boys occupied during a ride to the airport, and he pulled the money out of his wallet, asking them which president's face was on each piece. Isaiah was doing well until he got to a $20 bill. He confidently answered, "It's Michael Jackson!"

I overheard Isaiah having a conversation with a imaginary friend. For some reason, both and the "friend" had English accents. At this point Steven called out for him that it was bath time.
In his overly thick British accent I heard him say to his invisible companion, "Excuse me, I haff to get bawth."
His "friend" replied, "I cahn't understand why."
To which he answered, "If you smelled my ahm-pits you would."

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