Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Blog?

Who am I blogging for? It's a question I've been pondering.

I was talking to girlfriend and mentioned that I would be putting some more photos up on the blog. She called me a name. A name I hate. "Super-Mom." There's nothing "super" about my mothering. At this point, I think "Survival-Mom" would be a much better name. If you think (as I've been accused), I do a lot it's because I'm antsy not super. I genuinely hate naps, and I have a hard time sitting still in my own home. That is, with the exception of watching Colin Firth play Mr. Darcy, for which I can happily park my rear end on a couch for 6 hours. I have a much harder time than most doing what Scripture commands: "Be still and know that I am God." Not good, but God is using my four children to teach me this truth.

Blogging definitely does not make me "super". At this time in my life, it just happens to be somewhere on my priority list which takes me back to my original question: who am I blogging for?

I'm not even positive who the all people are who actually read this blog. I know there are the aunts and uncles, the grandparents, even a friend or two. I'm glad they get to catch up on my lovely children. But really, I'm writing this blog for 6 people: my husband, myself, and most of all- my children. One day, I want my kids to be able to look back and laugh at the funny quotes, enjoy the pictures, and recall the memories that may have faded in their minds. I know I already do this with older posts.

Ava is my first baby that doesn't have a real baby book; these recent posts are her baby book. I know from experience that the early months whisk by, and I want to remember them in ways that my sleep-deprived brain never could. And that's why I write posts typing with one finger while nursing or steal a few minutes to blog while the kids are playing.

So to anyone stopping by, thanks for reading. And to Isaiah, Elijah, Adriana, and Ava, this your momma speaking from what will be the past by the time you read it. I want you to know that there's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing, than being your momma.

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  1. I blog because blogging is way cooler than scrapbooking.


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