Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ava Lulu

My Ava will be 6 months old next week. Our baby girl who we sometimes affectionately refer to as Chunky Brewster (if you don't get the pun, we're probably not from the same generation) continues to have a sunny, easy-going personality which is always such a bright spot in my day.  She now sports an impressive army crawl and two teeth.  Her sitting skills are only so-so because she is usually too excited about life to remain still enough. Ava's baby talk, though somewhat rare and very cheerful, is the loudest of all my kids. And why not since it's the only way to heard above all the noise in the house!

Now for some pictures from this past month...

While I had the camera out, she scooted herself over to my curtains... have a snack!


  1. Well, that is definitely your daughter.

  2. Ha, we call Abby Punky Brewster due to her unusual pick of clothes when she was younger.


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