Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Octobers- OH MY!

I should be processing photos right now; but for the sake of a couple of whiny blog addicts (you know who you are), I'm temporarily shirking my photographer duties to write a blog post. Hopefully no clients are reading this right now!

Steven and I have officially deemed October 2010 the busiest month of our entire marriage.  That's saying a lot considering the fact that we've been living in wedded bliss for nearly a decade!  Besides the 527 little daily things that make parenting 4 children a full plate, here are 10 of the more interesting reasons October was so ...

1. On To The Next Job
    If we could sit over a cup of coffee and catch up, which I'm longing to do with so many of my dear readers I would recount to you God's incredible provision of a new job for Steven.  About a month ago, I remember telling my mom how much Steven needed a new job. But because of an overwhelming work load at his current job, I explained, he had little time to seek out a new one. In stepped God with a wonderful new position in a new company.

2. Second & Third Grade!!
    Before I would blog while nursing.  Now, while feeding Ava, you might find me reading about Tutankhamen and ancient Egypt, listening to a reading lesson about the Pilgrims, explaining why you multiple and not add to find the area of a rectangle, and trying to stay calm as Elijah heads off into la-la land during Phonics. 

3. Co-op
    As I said before, the kids go to school one day a week. Below you can see my preschool enthusiast with her "special box". It was a show and tell project with a box filled with things that she loved that made her special which to her meant trying to put pretty much anything in the house that caught her eye into the box: glue sticks, food boxes, Isaiah's stuffed animals. "But Mom that piece of partially shredded scrap paper REALLY IS special!"

4. Clothing Resale
   This was the first year I participated in a huge consignment sale for all the no-longer-needed kids clothes. It was more lucrative than past clothing resale endeavors and, of course, in the middle of October.

5. Sports
   Steven played softball; the kids played soccer...nuf' said.

6. Our Family Photos
    Mobilizing the troops in picture-worthy clothing then sitting in traffic while trying to feed them a chicken dinner in the van is the reason that Mom remembered why she likes to be the one BEHIND the camera.  And guess who spilled dinner down the front of them before the shoot?  Not the 4 year old, not the boys, not even the hubby...nope that would be Mom! 

7. Caregroup
   We're in charge of small group from church with some fabulous couples with whom we get to eat, pray, and laugh. They help keep me sane.

8. My Chunky Monkey
    Ava makes me smile; you just can't look at her without doing so. The feedings, dirty diapers, and baby care seem like a privilege not an extra chore. Photos and updates on the sweet pea to come in later posts.

9. Laundry
    Sure I have to feed, clean, and mother these little people; but since Ava's been born, I think the craziest increase of work has been laundry! I can almost hear the tune of "U Can't Touch This" playing in the background when I look a the piles of clothing.

10. Photography
   Let me give my future self some advice...don't EVER put 10 photo shoots into one month again! NEVER!  Steven and I had decided that it might be helpful for me to take on some extra photography appointments to help pay for Christmas gifts.  We decided on 7, but because of unforeseen circumstances 3 more were added. While it was fun, I'm still coming out of the muck of the amount of work. Perhaps the craziness of the month helped inspire me to try this shot out at one of my sessions. I think it kind of sums up my life.

In October, I learned that good mothering needs more of my attention, that my husband rocks my world with his care, that God is on His throne even when I feel like I am drowning, that the Gospel is capable of bringing joy when the house is a disaster and the laundry is absurd, and that I'm really thankful it's November.


  1. This post definitely appeased me, and, wow, how we are in the same boat!

  2. The fact that your remind me of my mother brings a huge smile to my face :) I love you!


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