Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another One

The similarities between moving and birthing are more than I would care to discuss right now.

So instead, let's talk about the those little things we like to pepper in the middle of our crazy summer. Yep, I mean birthdays. Because after you move the day before vacation and then come home to a house piled with boxes, the most convenient thing to do a few days later is celebrate a birthday, of course! 

I hated to chince too much on poor Elijah who didn't have the world's best birthday last year. I tried to make the day a marriage of fun and easy. ("Don't you really want go see a movie and get yummy pre-made food for your birthday, sweetie?!") But my two youngest sisters and baby brother came to my rescue in a major way as they took over the birthday cake for me. And by the way the "sand castle" turned out, I'm going to try to con them into doing all my kid's cakes from now on.



Edible shells they handmade:

Oh, you have allergies? How about some dairy and gluten-free "beach ball" and "sand pail" cupcakes they just whipped up on the side?

I told you it was amazing.

Happy 9th birthday to my favorite red-head!

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