Thursday, September 12, 2013

School's Baaaack

Whether I want to accept it or not, summer is over. *sob* And we are back to this...

 photo firstdayofschool-1copy_zps6046bc9f.jpg

This means days filled with verbs, George Washington, and fractions for the three oldest, but it also means a lot more quiet play time for the youngest. And while some days it looks like sweet little mommy feeding time...

 photo feedingtime-5_zps3fc59f23.jpg

 photo feedingtime-1_zpsd8d8ad47.jpg

 photo feedingtime-3_zps955ae8a7.jpg

 photo feedingtime-2_zps0a834430.jpg

...other days it looks like a tiny maniac repeatedly dive bombing from the coffee table into my lap in the middle of Literature.

Just keeping it real.

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