Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Here we go...

Let me be honest. I swore I'd never be here. I-Alyssa- would never blog. Who needed (or really cared) to hear about the day to day happenings of a 20-something-year-old mom of three? I don't think I'm especially important or interesting; I don't have much spare time to speak of; and I'm not even a good writer. But...I have kids and those kids have relatives and other people who want to see the latest pictures and hear the latest kiddo news bites. After putting together one too many Kodak albums and then going back again and again to edit, add pictures, or send a viewing invite to new people requesting those all-important baby pictures, I decided I might as well be blogging. I was practically blogging.
This blog is going to be about the kids- not me. I'm not growing an inch every month, saying "Ma-ma" for the first time, attempting to be a barber with the kitchen scissors, or learning my ABC's. I do need to warn you about a few things before we start:
  1. There will be errors in my posts; it's inevitable. During my schooling years, no matter how hard I tried read an assignment over and over my as-accurate-as-a-spell-check mother would still have to mark up my papers in red with spelling errors and missing words. When you see them, feel free to laugh at me.

  2. A large portion of this blog will be pictures. As I said, I'll never publish a novel (or any piece of writing for that matter) in my lifetime.

  3. (I love parenthesis.) (I litter my emails, letters, and everything else I write with them.)

  4. Posting will be sporadic. I'm a mom of three- no further explanation needed.

Finally, I'm sure it's not normal to dedicate a blog to someone; but I'm, by birth, a Helms (Helms=not normal). Seriously though, I want to dedicate this blog to my Grandmama Esther who passed away last Saturday. She was a very proud great grandmother and so very loving. No one would have been more delighted to hear about or see a picture of Isaiah, Elijah, and Adriana Esther.

I'm going to end this post with some favorite pictures of the kids this past year. So here we go...

My Grandmama Esther with her son, granddaughter, and great grandbabies~

Elijah cuddling with his sister before she was even born~

Boys will be boys~

Adriana Esther~

Adriana in her Great-Great Aunt's vintage dress~

Elijah Gary~

Miss Blue Eyes~

Isaiah John~

Adriana in her play saucer~

Dressed up for our church's Harvest Carnival- a cowboy and an interstate~

Angel baby~

And the Academy Award for my favorite picture of the year.....

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