Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Tonight was the big night. Adriana tasted her first baby food. Notice that I said "first baby food" not "first food". Daddy, grandparents, and uncles have been slipping her food since she was about a month old. For her first meal, we featured rice cereal mixed with prune juice (yum, yum). I find it ironic that I start my babies off with food that I wouldn't put in my mouth if you paid me.

When Elijah was a baby and had his first taste of baby food, he reacted as if we were poisoning him. Adriana was the exact opposite. She acted like an old pro and gave us looks that seemed to say, "Where has this been my whole life!"

So, thus it begins. I'm not a huge fan of this feeding stage: applesauce in the hair, strained peas behind the ears; no outfit is safe regardless of what bib you use. But as I scrub carrot stains out of pink dresses, it will be a great time to remind myself that each baby season is a gift from God and an over-before-you-know-it joy.

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  1. Reminder: Elijah didn't like baby food, but he did like pickles!


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