Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dress Up

When you're a kid, what is more fun than dressing up and playing pretend? When this happens, I think the second kid tends to get a bum deal. As a child, I remember that when we'd play house, someone had to be the mom and someone had to be the dad. Since I was the oldest, I got to choose first (those were my rules). Of course, I needed to be the mom; and dad duty fell to Christine. Now I'm watching it play out in my children. Isaiah's in charge; and Elijah tags along, letting his brother boss him around way to much. So, once again someone has to be the mom and someone has to be the dad.

At least mom gets to cook...
The good news for Elijah though is that there is an up-and-coming for the role of "Momma":

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