Monday, February 19, 2007

Hangin' With The Guys

This past weekend was the annual Helms "Mom & Sisters Weekend". We always get away and spend the weekend doing these we consider fun such as watching a girly movie (this year's choice was the BBC's North & South), playing our favorite competitive game: Nerts (wanna see sisters fight?), eating chocolate, dining at our favorite restaurant (P.F. Changs), and shopping till we drop.

Normally the boys all hang out together doing guy sorts of things. (They tell us they just sit around in their underwear watching The Three Stooges.) But this year was different...the men babysat all the kids, including Adriana. She was the first-ever girl to crash their guy party. We heard stories of her munching fries at Five Guys and going sledding in her baby carrier. I even received a picture of her that they took this weekend:

Now, before you call Child Protection Services, I've been assure that this picture is digitally altered to scare Adriana's momma.

Next year, I think I'll pack a girly survival kit for her. Maybe things like Cinderella, nail polish, and definitely a helmet...

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