Monday, February 12, 2007


Last week, I had talked to my mom about how I could spend more time with my boys even on the days that I am busy with housework. She suggested "bringing them into my world" at those times and getting them involved in what I was doing.

The next day my husband surprised me with a light-weight vacuum that I had been wanting. This presented a perfect opportunity. I needed to straighten up the house for some guest we were having for dinner, and the vacuum was small enough to be handled by children. The boys were thrilled when I asked them if they wanted to help me vacuum. They (especially Isaiah) went crazy vacuuming every square foot of floor in our home.

Looking for excuses to continue his vacuuming adventures, Isaiah went over to the nursery and told me,
"I need to get this room vacuumed. I wouldn't want Jack [his friend who was coming] to have to see it like this!"

I wonder where he got that from...


  1. Does your crew travel? Do they do tile too? :) lol... - C (and yes, we do keep it in the 60's here, with the occasional open window. The source of some of our most awful marital fights ever :) Guess who likes it cold?!)


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