Friday, June 15, 2007

The Pool

One of my kid's favorite places to be during the summer (besides the ice cream parlor) is the the pool. There, my boys are just as opposite as ever. My Isaiah wants to wear goggles, have floaties on his arm, and keep a swim ring safely around his middle. Only then, might he dare to venture from the 2 ft. deep area into the 3 ft. area (mind you, the kid's almost 4 ft. tall). Elijah on the other hand wants only to wear a bathing suit and merely because I make him wear at least that. And he has made parent-less attempts to jump into the deep end by himself. Guess which boy I worry about more? Adriana loves the pool and is content to walk circles around the edge of the baby pool. Mommy loves that the pool is both entertaining and exhausting for the kiddos which results in long naps afterward!
Floatie boy:

Contemplating how to get that miniature piece of mulch into her mouth:

Can't-turn-my-back-on-him boy:

At the pool with Daddy:

Getting a ride:

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