Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Questionable Sleeping Arrangements

My parent's fully finished basement is practically an apartment and is perfect for when our family spends the night. We stay in the basement bedroom with Adriana while the boys sleep on the pull-out couch in the basement living room. Last weekend when we stayed there, we put the kids down for the night and went upstairs to go play Scattergories. Elijah gave us a hard time about staying in bed, but finally seemed to quiet down. When our bedtime rolled around and we opened the basement door, we found that Elijah had fallen asleep...

... just not where we left him.
When I was pregnant the first time and looking down adoringly at my growing belly while dreaming of motherhood, I never pictured little children asleep on the top step or answering things like, "MOMMM...ISAIAH'S LOOKING AT MEEEEE!!!!" As a mother, you find yourself in the strangest situations or having to say the strangest things. Let me give you a few examples just from today. How about: "You may not shoot a crayon out your Nerf gun." or "Please don't step on top of the bowl." or "Even when you're sixteen, I don't think you'll be able to jump up to the [cathedral] ceiling."
Now you'll have to excuse me; I need to go kiss some giggling boys in their bunk beds. Hopefully that's where they'll fall asleep.


  1. Ain't kids great!!
    I recently read of a little boy who came to his mommy crying that he had stubbed his toe. When she lovingly asked him which toe was the injured one he replied, "The one that had roast beef."

  2. That picture is such a crack up! Too funny!


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