Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Fabulous To Be Five!

Last week Steven jokingly told Isaiah to stop getting bigger. In a serious tone, Isaiah replied, "I can't help it; I keep having birthdays!" Sure enough, last Saturday, he had yet another birthday! Isaiah turned five in a day filled with balloons, a "space-ship" cake, a trip to the pool, duck-duck-goose games, and the Charlotte's Web movie.
The space-ship cake:
Blowing out ALL the candles in one long breath:

The highlight gift from Grammy & Papa:

Butting heads with brother:
After a full day of fun and games and no nap, the tired birthday boy broke into tears. I asked him why he was crying, and he replied, "I don't feel like I'm growing." But to me, he's growing way too fast...

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  1. These are great pics! Can you believe you'll have a birthday girl soon too?! Elaina was so enthralled with her birthday cupcake, that, not wanting to miss one single crumb of it ... she ate the wrapper, candle, and all :)YUM. Your big picture window is so pretty!!! - C


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