Thursday, September 27, 2007

5 1/4

I remember, as a kid, the importance of your answer when someone asked your age. Your age is your status; so you had to choose your wording carefully. You might say, "I'm 7 and a half." That "half" part was very important; it put you in a class above the plain old 7-year-old.
I thought of all of this after I took a portrait of Isaiah the other day. I didn't realize until I pulled the photo up on the computer that the fire hydrant he was leaning against said "5 1/4" which is his exact age.

Isaiah and I are both enjoying his kindergarten so far. We love the time together, and I enjoy the structure it brings to my morning. I'm already realizing how much unexposed sin it's going to bring out in both of our hearts which is another bonus; you can't deal with sin unless it's exposed. It is also adding to precious memories book I keep stored away in my head. Here are some quotes from the first week of school:
-His phonics book has pictures of things that have the letters we're learning in them. I pointed to an igloo and asked him what it was. "That's Oklahoma!"
-"Oh, do I have to do all of this [super easy page]! It's SO hard."
-We've been learning a Bible verse that we recite each morning. Isaiah quoted the other day as, "'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction.' Problems 1:7"

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