Monday, September 17, 2007


Today we stepped into a brand new season of life. Isaiah started kindergarten, and I began my journey as a homeschooling mom. Over breakfast, Steven asked Isaiah what he wanted to learn in school. Isaiah replied, "Dad, it's pretty simple...I've got to learn how to drive cars, how to write, and how to make things."
Here my big man's first-day-of-school photos...
While beginning to teach is a bit daunting for me, I'm just glad I still have a decade before I have to get started on Isaiah's first learning goal.

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  1. Wow! What an ambitious young man you have there! I look forward to hearing more about your school adventures. If the first day's quotes and pics are this good, you are no doubt in for a very entertaining year.

    I'm sorry we weren't able to chat today. We're trying to be completely moved into our new (old) place by October 1. My mind is usually going a mile a minute, and my body is not far behind. I should be free to call tomorrow or Wednesday evening. Let me know which would be better.


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