Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ask a mom of young kids to list the top ten biggest challenges of her day, and I bet that you'll find "getting everyone dressed" on there. "Getting dressed," you ask, "what's the big deal?" Allow me to share. Instead of giving the whole low-down, I'll just give you snap-shot from the other day. (By the way, I'm not making this up.)
On this particular morning our goal was almost in sight. I had only to dress my daughter. I had managed to pick out an outfit for her and even get her shorts on. All I had left is the shirt...

I pick up the shirt and notice a hole.
I decide it's small enough that mending it will just take a moment.
I decide that if I ignore my bladder one minute longer I will have to start imitating one of my son's "potty-dances."
I head to the bathroom.
I find a majority of the contents of the bathroom cupboard emptied.
I remember that, while I was getting dressed, one of my boys opened the bathroom door (bad news with a one-year-old in the house).
I clean up the cupboard.
I notice a smell.
I find that someone left their used night pull-up open in the trash can.
I empty the trash.
I feel the potty-dance coming on.
I head to the bathroom.
I find wet toilet paper decorating the seat and floor, continued courtesy of my one-year-old.
I wipe it all up.
I disinfect everything.
The potty-dance has arrived.
I finally get a chance to rid myself of the potty-dance.
I start to mend the shirt.
I notice a smell.
I change my one-year-old's diaper.
I finish mending the shirt.
I chase down my one-year-old.
I finally put on her shirt.

One day, I tell myself, I'm going to miss my full mornings and all the memories that come with it. For every trying moment there's twenty wonderful moments that come with it.


  1. haha, wow. thst's all i can say!

  2. And you tell me I should write a book?
    You're a very funny lady!


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