Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Eric and Autumn, Steven's brother and sister-in-law, flew here to Virginia with their daughter to spend the weekend with us. The kids had so much fun with their cousin who is now walking. The boys spent a lot of time pretending to be lions and tigers, chasing Trinity up and down the hallway while she ran laughing and shrieking. Adriana called her "baby" most of the weekend; and when not having a bad attitude over sharing toys, enjoyed having another little girl in the house. Steven and I had a great time as well and were grateful for the chance to get to know Eric and Autumn even better.
We grabbed the opportunity to get some "cousin photos"...

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  1. Thanks for the great hospitality this weekend! We had a great time. We watched the video and Trinity just laughs and giggles when she sees her cousins. We are excited to come back and visit. Your friends are wonderful people we were happy to finally put a face with a name.


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