Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naughty & Nice

So with Christmas only nine weeks away, no doubt Santa has begun making his list and will soon be checking it twice. My question is, what does he do about the kids who are both naughty and nice?? My girlie is talking so much and one minute is such a delight to be around as she hugs my leg or helps me do laundry. Then, the next minute, she is decorating her room with Desitin diaper cream or bossing her brothers around. Even after reminding her that she is only their sister and not their mother, she has insisted, "No, I am my boys momma!"
Yesterday morning, I came to get her after her room time was over. She stood by her dresser with her little chair and was looking quite guilty.
She immediately told me, "I didn't touch anyfing!"
I realized that she probably was using the chair to climb up to the drawer with the Desitin. I walked over to check it out and asked, " What did you do?"
The pushed her hand against the drawer in question, emphatically denying the obvious, "No! No! I didn't touch anyfing!"
I tried to open the drawer and she pushed it all the harder, "Don't look! I didn't touch anyfing!"
I broke every mommy rule and just started belly laughing, having to gather myself to even muster a correction.

For my two-year-old's sake, I hope Santa defaults to the "nice list" in such cases, or else a certain little girl might be decorating her room with coal come December 26th.


  1. wait ... i thought someone SHOT santa. isn't that what you tell your kids?! lol... cute cute cute depiction of the wondrous naughtiness that is 2. she's adorable even when she's not acting so. lol...

  2. I love this picture! Good luck in navigating the challenges and joys of parenting. Stephen's mom always says that when her kids were teenagers they would sometimes act like adults and sometimes act very childish. She just wished that they would have a sign that would indicate which they were on that given day, adult or child, so that she could parent accordingly. Two year olds should also have a side says "asserting independence" and the other "want to be cared for like a baby".


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