Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little Pumpkin

Yesterday we took our first field trip to a farm with a pumpkin patch. Isaiah was the one who found the perfect pumpkin for our dining room table. Adriana picked up a sad little marred pumpkin that in her eyes was just perfect. She toted it around, proud of her find.

More pumpkin patch pictures (say that four times fast) to come!



    in my watch list ... i thought of you!!! :)

    in other news ... i'm wondering if your church includes parts of the Scripture that speak to pursuing wisdom, not foolishness. Or do they just broadcast Nacho Libre every Sunday?! lol.... Just teasing. That's hilarious. The masks are hilarious. They make us wonder what YOU two did on your Cancun escapade! lol...

    Ok, seriously, this comment will most definitely be "moderated" (aka deleted) by now. So I'll just say a few things:

    1. A. is such a little red riding hood PRINCESS! she is radiant in red ... and gets the award for STILL being potty trained before every other toddler (including mine) AND for spotting the most pathetic, wrinkly, imperfect pumpkin ever and having compassion on it. Gotta love her heart!

    2. Is your engagement ring on steroids? It looks monstrous. :)

    3. You and Steve have to get "Get Smart" when it comes out on DVD. It will still make you roll on the floor laughing/crying, but minus the spandex scenes.

    4. We got these fantastic cd's that I thought I would share with you. I'm not sure if you're aware of my veggie tales aversion ... I can't stand vegetables having THAT much energy I guess. So it's been slim pickin's for kids worship music until I found this awesome "seeds of ..." series which has (1) actually well performed and not too kidsy music and (2) scripture memorization and direct bible lyrics. Love that! I am amazed at how much more Scripture has been etched into MY heart just from playing it through the morning.

    As usual, Elaina is just as fanatic about your blog as me, so she can look for pictures of her dear Ana ... how is homeschooling going this year? how are you keeping her busy?

    your mexico digs are definitely getting bookmarked. that place looks AMAZING! way to be MARRIED to a resort snob! love that!

    i am considering trading DOWN my d300 for a d80. i'm having such a hard time owning something that is not replaceable. and is so vastly above my skill level. it's gotten to really be almost a burden. i know that sounds crazy, but ... i love the camera, but i don't love that i have to CARE about it. i'm not used to having things that are of high value, and frankly, i'm not crazy about it because with that comes worrying about it - taking care of it - guarding it. and i don't want my heart going there. so ... i'm trying to figure out if i should keep it, try and grown into it skills-wise, and use it for a business someday ... if not, i'm definitely not hanging onto it. if it continues to be just for play ... i think i'm going to try and get a d80 or d90. anyway ... wanted to see if you might be interested before i got serious about selling it. i have a 18-200 and 50 1.8 lens for it. anyway ... i haven't decided for sure yet, but ... anyway, on my mind.

    Hope it's been a smooth transition into reality after being a mexican princess for a week!!! so glad you guys got to run away and celebrate God's faithfulness and tireless pursuit of your hearts for a week! Love to DC! - the siegmanns

  2. fun- what farm did you go to?


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