Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cinderella & Army Men

Princesses are one of Adriana's latest obsessions.  She eats off of her princess bowl and plate, wears princess underwear, reads princess books, and informs me that she is "Daddy's princess". The other day I found the boys very sweetly helping Adriana dress up like a princess, and from the other room I heard Elijah ask her if she would like to dance (*sigh* This would be why I always wanted a big brother).  I made a dash for the camera and snatched the moment.

Doesn't your heart just melt?!

In other news, I've been repeatedly informed that Isaiah is joining the Army when he turns seven. We'll be sad for the loss; but maybe the military will be able to instill some of the discipline that I have yet to get through his crazy, little head.  So come June, we'll be renting out a bottom bunk space at our house.  Contact me if you are interested.

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