Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Vacation

We've been enjoying an extended stay at my parent's home. We have had a wonderfully relaxing time. We have munched on homemade cinnamon raisin bread each morning, and eaten homemade Peppermint Patties, Almond Joys, or fudge whenever the urge hits. We've made new memories with a "girls day out" in Old Town Alexandria, and have been enjoying a Helms-size dosage of games.
My brothers and sisters got a Wii for Christmas and my boys are now little Wii pros. Isaiah will proudly tell you how he knocked out both Grammy and Papa in Wii boxing. And Elijah would chime in with the story of how he beat his uncle in Wii bowling with "4 spares and 4 stripes". Personally I feel like a wimp since the Wii has destroyed me; my body hasn't been this sore since I exited the sport of gymnastics. Adriana in the meantime has been playing with her new pink refrigerator and kitchen accessories while sporting some sparkly, Dorthy-like red shoes.

I'm munching homemade carmel corn as I write and being told to hurry downstairs to watch one of the dvd's that Steven received....ah, vacation...

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  1. Gosh, our husbands are such peas in a pod. If I could see one thing of his "go" it would be his dvd collection. lol... I am not a movie watcher in general, and I somehow married a man who can quote every line of every movie he's ever seen! Anytime he says anything wise, witty, or insightful ... it's either from the Bible or a movie. :) Anyway, I'm so sorry we won't be able to ressurect little Chloe (rest in peace) before our visit. I'll get with my brother and parents and figure out what day we can venture north to DC and see you ... (I'm wondering if Sat/Sun would work ... that way we can visit your church and hug your 'rents too) Let me know what works ... I'm so glad you're enjoying a week of having the kids fully entertained by aunts/uncles/doting grammies and grandpas! And your new lens is lovely. I love the way you shot it amongst other favorite things. Christine looks beautiful, but miserable. I mean, ready!!! How much longer? I bet she's wondering right about now how your mom did it 42 times. :) Don't Wii-yourself to death! (But I do know many of my homeschooling girlfriends who have bought one for "education" purposes ... gym class, duh!!! it rains a lot here :) I can easily see one in the Sieb fam future :) And I can also see you and Steve kickboxing it out next time a fight arises :) lol... Gotta run ... happy weekend!


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