Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Little 'Lijah

I thought today you could use a little 'Lijah in your life.

Recently I was talking to Elijah about saving up his money instead of wasting it.

E: "I don't need to save money."

Me: "What about when you're older and want to buy a house with your wife?"

E (insistently): "Oh, I don't need money for that! I'm going out into the forest and building a log cabin."

I ended up getting him on the fact that, even if that was the plan, he'd have to have money for the land and ax.

A few days later he saw Ava about to unlatch after nursing. He knows that he's not supposed to look when I'm doing this. And wanting to be sure his brother was obeying as well, he shouted out.

"Isaiah, look away! She's unhitching!"


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