Friday, July 30, 2010

Murphy's Crafts

I'm convinced that there is an entire section of Murphy's Laws that were lost. It's the section for mothers. You know, the one that includes laws like:
  • Your children may have been silent for 15 minutes, but the moment the phone touches your ear they will all have something urgent to say.
  • Your child will vomit on/wet the bed the day after you finally washed the sheets.
  • Your children will be helpful gems the morning that you have time to spare and terrors the morning that you're running late.
  • If your baby spits up during a midnight feeding, the sour milk will magnetically find its way to your pillow.
Yeah, that section. And there's a whole sub-section about projects:
  • Science experiments will never work.
  • Plan for twice the time and triple the mess you expected when doing art projects.
The second one always gets me. You know the page of "Family Fun" that shows the smiling mom and kids in the sparkling clean house with their perfectly finished art project? Lies. Lies! LIES!!!!

The last art project we did was making a Star Wars ship out of an egg carton. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It looked easy, and I knew the boys would get a kick out of it. Fifteen minutes, I estimated. Thirty max. Can you hear the "wrong answer" button going off: ERRRRRR! An hour later to the tune of "This Is Taking So Loooong" with the added pleasure of a crying baby, paint had made it's way to nearly every visible part of my children, and I turned around to find that it had even made it onto my couch. I love you, OxiClean Spot Remover!

But I was out shopping last week and came across fabric crayons. They called to me: "I'm a fun project. Pick me. Pick me!" And I did. As we began, I got the sinking feeling that I may have been duped again.

But guess what? They were fun! For Mommy too! Sure, it took awhile; but with only a small mess and super happy children. At the end of it, the kids were ecstatic as their personally designed shirts emerged from under the iron. And I even heard myself say, "We should do this again." *gasp* Miracles do happen!

Here are my proud pajama-top designers:

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