Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Latest Craving {a change}

We've undergone a bit of a food revolution over at my house. I've struggled with health and fatigue issues for all of my adult life. Then after my difficult pregnancies (picture yourself with a horrible flu, only for a solid 9 months), my body revolted more than ever. It was something I learned to live with. I finally came across some info on naturally stabilizing my blood sugar. By cutting out gluten and sugar, my blood sugar spikes that would land me on a couch were almost totally gone.

Next came Ava's diagnosis. After having lung problems since she was three months old and having pediatrician after pediatrician give me no explanation beyond telling me that she was prone to lung infections and would hopefully outgrow it, we finally took her to a homeopathic M.D. She discovered that Ava had an intolerance to wheat and dairy. When we took it out of her diet, it was like someone had handed me a new child.

To further convince me of the relationship between our food and our health, my girlfriend showed me the documentary Food Matters. After following that up with a viewing of Hungry For Change and The Beautiful Truth, I was ready to make some serious changes. I grew up eating healthy food (I still have nasty carob chip flashbacks); so my mom gave all of us a great head-start in learning to eat right. But I realized how much of my life had been infiltrated with sugar and food that was "easy".

So I've started on a journey to fill up our diets with a lot more raw foods and super foods. Honestly, our meals are more delicious and satisfying than ever. I'm actually excited about making dinner again. And as a personal bonus, I'm feeling better than I have in years and food seems more satisfying than ever.

So as I discover and enjoy these yummy foods, I thought I'd do a weekly (hopefully) post on my latest food love. I'll call it "My Latest Craving" and I'll share at least one recipe or way that we use this food. Hopefully, you'll find it helpful.

Update: Click HERE for all the Latest Cravings posts.

(photo from January 2009 and it's Adriana not Ava)

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