Monday, July 23, 2012

Four Eyes & A Crowd of Thirteen

I knew the day would come; and frankly, I'm surprised it took ten years.

It was the day a child of mine was put into glasses.

I was only six when I got my first pair, and my adult eyesight is terrible to say the least. It's so bad that the last time I was at the eye doctor and had taken my contacts out, I noted some kids were leaning on a wall about three feet away. And until they spoke, I didn't even know they were my own children.

Then I married a handsome man who had beautiful eyes that also don't work so well; and yep, I knew that procreating meant that we would be helping to keep a local optometrist in business.

Me in glasses as a kid was not a pretty thing. My mother tells me to blame it on the eighties and not on her. I was going to humble myself and scan a photo for your viewing laughter pleasure; but alas, the photo albums are currently in a moving box. So I shall humble myself even further by putting up a photo that a friend, oh-so-kindly, posted on my Facebook wall which shows me in horrid glasses and a bathing suit.

Now you can see how much better my eldest looks in his new glasses...

We ended our "new glasses" week with a visit from my cousin. She and her fiancee came to have their engagement photos done. (A preview will be on my photo blog later this week.) And Sunday was a big treat as only the adults in the family got to go into D.C. If were in the city and happened to miss thirteen people walking in a group and talking loudly (we're Polish, remember), then maybe you noticed the conspicuous group dancing in Liberty Plaza...

or taking up the entirety of a Starbucks....

Somehow, we're horrible at blending in.

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  1. Y'all look like you have SO much fun together! I'd love to be an honorary member! ;) hint hint! ;) Also, I noticed the new glasses on Sunday and meant to say something, but I got distracted! ;) Glad you had fun in DC and I can't wait to see the photos! ;)


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