Monday, July 30, 2012

My Latest Craving {a healthy oxymoron}

With my life full of boxes and my head full of organizational details, I'm wishing for fast, healthy food. And let's be honest with ourselves, such a thing is pretty much an oxymoron. 

My friend, Bethanie, of Green & Grateful, has come to my rescue with breakfast recipes like THESE super-quick banana pancakes.

And THESE gluten-free chicken fingers, that I plan to make a bunch of this week with most of it heading to my freezer.

Plus, I'm making a huge batch of a lime and black bean quinoa salad from a recipe a friend gave me that is almost identical to THIS.

We've also been enjoying quick, healthy, dairy-free soft-serve ice cream for a potassium power treat. That recipe you can find HERE.

But I'm begging asking you, my readers, what is your favorite quick, healthy foods? Leave me a comment and let me know, because I am truly all ears!!

Right now, more and more of my house looks like this...

And my movers are going to "love" me for adding to their work with some recent thrift/antique store purchases like this...

They'll be even more happy about a bunch of reclaimed wood on my balcony! I have lofty visions of making a new headboard with said wood. And that darling antique window (minus the blue painter's tape) is going to add some fab character to our master bedroom.

Now don't forget my above request! What should I be making in my currently sparse kitchen!?!

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  1. I LOVE the new purchases and the old awesome. Who cares if the movers don't like 'em. They'll look great at the new place! :-)

    My sympathies for you as you pack...that just is not fun at all. We moved last summer and I'm not wanting to do it again any time soon!!

    Love all of your healthy food ideas! Have you tried overnight steel cut oats? This is one of my absolute favorites and everyone in my house LOVES it.

    here's my post w/ recipe:


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