Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Road to Adoption {the beginning}

It's been an interesting time to start the adoption, but we sent our official application in the same day that we closed on our home. As I work to complete the move and watch my children loving the new home we wanted for them, I also keep whispering under my breath to a little girl I haven't yet met, "This is for you, baby." 

Some nights (after I've spent the day with a toolbox, every other kind of box, and a two-year-old dancing around me asking, "You panking [painting], Mommy?") Steven and I will sit down surrounded by a literal sea of paperwork as we begin to sift through our home study and dossier requirements. When someone calls it a "paper pregnancy", they aren't exaggerating; let me tell you.

You might see that I've added a column above dedicated just to our adoption posts. I'm also setting my pride aside to add a donate button there. Adoption is not a cheap process (it will cost about $30,000) and the fees flood in as soon as you open the door. Please know that we're not begging for money. We're praying for God's provision, trusting it will come no matter what, and wanting to give you the opportunity to support our adoption if you feel so called. 

Also, I wanted to announce our first fundraiser. I'm hoping that God uses my photography business to help with this process and am doing a specific fundraiser this fall in the form of mini sessions. Mini-sessions are a perfect way to get photos for your Christmas card or simply a few professional shots to update the frames in your home. Every last penny earned from these mini-sessions will go toward our Ethiopian adoption. The info is below; so shoot me an email if you're interested!


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