Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adriana's Owl Birthday

For her seventh birthday, my dark-haired beauty requested an "Owl Birthday". This mommy was uber happy to oblige since I was bracing for Disney princess nightmare.

 photo adrianabday-11_zps650ac3a8.jpg

 photo adrianabday-2_zpsc7c651d7.jpg

 photo adrianabday-5_zps86d40262.jpg

 photo adrianabday_zps955157e2.jpg

 photo adrianabday-4_zps02e458a8.jpg

Adriana's welcome sign...
 photo adrianabday-6_zps741bb3af.jpg

For a game we created some simple mini-marshmallow poppers (you can find the directions HERE) and had fun shooting them into each other's mouths. My youngest nephew walked around drunk with giddiness as he gleaned all the misses.
 photo adrianabday2_zpse5631ff9.jpg

The birthday queen...
 photo adrianabday-9_zps2047aeda.jpg

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  1. I LOVE this!! How fun and what an adorable theme!! And hello- marshmallow poppers?!? Genius! I'm making these for a rainy afternoon activity. (And will pray for a sugar crash with long naps to follow! Haha!)


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