Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ethiopia in Black & White

Before I try to navigate my way through which of my couple hundred photos to share, I'll post a few photos we'll just call "Ethiopia in Black & White". I'm so officially in love with this country...

 photo ethiopia124_zpsab4f18c0.jpg

 photo ethiopia141_zps4e1721b4.jpg

 photo ethiopia35_zpsaa0b22ea.jpg

 photo ethiopia22_zps596a2b1d.jpg

 photo ethiopia118_zpsa3ee0167.jpg

 photo ethiopia23_zpsfd1ff86d.jpg

 photo ethiopia205_zps61246dd2.jpg

 photo ethiopia212_zpsb758c255.jpg

 photo ethiopia40_zps9258094f.jpg

 photo ethiopia15_zps5646e95e.jpg

 photo ethiopia41_zps732b1185.jpg

 photo ethiopia201_zps28789ec7.jpg

 photo ethiopia1_zpsee0987f3.jpg

 photo ethiopia223copy_zpsbf1af97a.jpg

 photo ethiopia221copy_zpsec226941.jpg

 photo ethiopia209_zps6ff10deb.jpg

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!! So, so incredible!!!! {and, you visited "bring love in"?? awesome!!!!}

  2. so incredibly beautiful and full of different emotions and stories!

  3. These. Are. Stunning!


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