Friday, July 5, 2013

Amish Farm

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of spending the day on an Amish farm. After a picnicing on sprawling lawns next to lushous gardens and bright flower beds while munching on a lunch full of farm produce and fresh beef stew and watching my children run free, enjoying the animals and spaces, I have to admit that country life was looking pretty sweet.

 photo amishfarm-9_zps63e67ba5.jpg

 photo amishfarm-16_zpsca23c844.jpg

 photo amish2_zpsd9fff354.jpg

 photo amishfarm-5_zpscb17ebfb.jpg

 photo amishfarm-8_zps6cce11ae.jpg

 photo amish_zpsd230ddf8.jpg

 photo amishfarm-18_zpse0608323.jpg

 photo amishfarm-2_zps963234c0.jpg

 photo amish3_zps5244b6c4.jpg

 photo 6f853083-4df4-40ca-b8be-db244f3058c9_zps114d5410.jpg

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  1. Okay now I want to move to the country. Beautiful photos! Looks like such a fun day. :)


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