Friday, August 30, 2013

A Decade With Elijah

This week we celebrated one decade with my redhead, who's as squirrelly as he is cute.

He asked for a dirt cake for his birthday (bless you, my child, for your easy request) complete with gummy caterpillars and worms (because nothing says boy like biting down on a squishy bug).
 photo blogtemplate2copy_zpse62d3e94.jpg

 photo Elijahbday5_zps8536b635.jpg

All the little cousins enjoying Elijah's birthday lunch...
 photo Elijahbday2_zps554b7ffc.jpg

The biggest hit of the gifts was a fire pit complete with s'more kit..
 photo Elijahbday6_zpsbca9354c.jpg

 photo Elijahbday1_zps30bafa5e.jpg

Here's to another 10 years with my freckled love!

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  1. is that plant his dirt cake?! adorable!!! :)
    and, amazing fire pit gift!! I can see why it was a hit. looks like a very sweet celebration :)


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