Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ethiopia's Natural Beauty

While in Ethiopia, we got to take in our fair share of natural beauty...

Our hippo excursion...
 photo ethiopia187_zps719a627a.jpg

 photo ethiopia181_zpseb2594af.jpg

Wild monkeys...
 photo ethiopia180_zpsf5d59530.jpg

 photo ethiopia179_zps27fa5de5.jpg

Getting a little too close to nature...
 photo ethiopia177_zps0fbb0b9f.jpg

 photo ethiopia176_zps9dc9711d.jpg

We were received access to a private reservation...
 photo ethiopia197_zps0d406fdd.jpg

The closest I've ever been to a lion...
 photo ethiopia198_zps75f989b2.jpg

 photo ethiopia199_zpseef6e2a6.jpg

 photo ethiopia200_zpsddff2132.jpg

Oh, so high...
 photo ethiopia48_zps365638fc.jpg

 photo ethiopia49_zps40c0f6ac.jpg

King of the mountain...
 photo ethiopia51_zps16c7e4ec.jpg

Mountain herds...
 photo ethiopia61_zps3b482ebc.jpg

 photo ethiopia62_zpsc02fd5d4.jpg

 photo ethiopia63_zpsa2697f2b.jpg

Have you ever wondered what coffee looks like when it is just a berry?
 photo ethiopia163_zps79bf4798.jpg

 photo ethiopia164_zps938f4d21.jpg

Slightly more fresh than Chiquita...
 photo ethiopia167_zps3df59034.jpg

 photo ethiopia169_zps796bf229.jpg

 photo ethiopia170_zps0d54bf4c.jpg

 photo ethiopia99_zpsb1aaf3ae.jpg

 photo ethiopia184_zps01059051.jpg

 photo ethiopia107_zpsa073faa6.jpg

 photo ethiopia100_zpsa1760829.jpg

 photo ethiopia185_zps45cbcb2b.jpg

We're off on our annual beach vacation with my family. I'll post my tradition photo a day so you can close your eyes and imagine you hear the waves...

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