Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Backyard Camping

Yes, yes, you did just read the word "camping" in a title on my blog. While I'm personally as anti-camping as they come, I knew the kids would adore a chance to sleep under the stars. And since a back yard has opened up a new world of opportunities for this long-time condo family, we decided to do a night back there.

True confessions: after spending a few hours on the lawn with the kiddos, I caved and left my hubby outside for the love of my warm bed. Don't judge, peeps. Don't judge.

 photo backyardcamping-1_zpsaa37426c.jpg

 photo backyardcamping-10_zps8ffec50e.jpg

 photo backyardcamping-3_zps9e7f2a6c.jpg

Being tucked in by big sis...
 photo backyardcamping-4_zps9d802052.jpg

Isaiah's "family alarm clock"...
 photo backyardcamping-8_zps6eefcb2c.jpg

 photo backyardcamping_zpsbe272163.jpg

Adriana's fairy jar...
 photo backyardcamping-11_zpsd7d0b1bd.jpg

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  1. adorable pics! I would have been inside in my warm bed too! no judgement here:)!!


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