Friday, August 9, 2013

Trip in a Nutshell

How do I even begin to sum up our trip to Ethiopia? How do I begin to explain days where you're facing stunning beauty and stunning poverty in same moment?

I still have a couple more Africa posts up my sleeve, but I'm going to try to give you our trip in a nutshell.

In God's kindness, even though we went into this trip in total faith, very blind to all the details and honestly with some butterflies in our stomachs, our Heavenly Father matched us up with the perfect group for us. Have you ever read When Helping Hurts? If you haven't, and if you're interested in serving the poor; put it on your book list. Period. This book was required reading for our group before the trip and was the premise of how the trip was run- coming in quietly and humbling, not to "rescue people" to our American ways but to see how God is at work and how we can be a part of that.

We got the chance to view 10 different locations. We saw everything from rural poor communities having clean water systems installed, to a program who runs daycares for the children of the poorest mothers. From orphan prevention programs, to orphanages full of sweet faces. From ex-prostitutes rehabilitated so that they were now making a living in a dignified manner, to new families being made out of local widows and un-adoptable orphans. From spending an afternoon with women who's bodies are riddled with AIDS, to visiting a ministry that works to reunify trafficked children with their families. From playing with former street children, to seeing a newly built school in a village.

Our group reminded us that this was not a missions trip to make us feel better about ourselves, but one to cause us to ask hard questions. Steven and I both fell head over heels for this country. We love how big God is, and how he puts different parts of the world on different hearts. And for us, we know without a shadow of a doubt that it is this little area of the world is the one He's caused us to put our hearts into.

Now I'll spare you my words and tell you more through pictures and captions...

 photo ethiopia161_zps3a89e378.jpg

 photo ethiopia162_zps6ac011c4.jpg

 photo ethiopia159_zps60d34f1e.jpg

Our Ethiopian guide teaching a group of men in a rural comminuty how to keep up with their new clean water system...
 photo ethiopia156_zps903f5366.jpg

In the meantime, we taught the kids what germs were using glitter as a stand-in for germs...
 photo ethiopia138_zps08da3d52.jpg

 photo ethiopia137_zps5558e4c6.jpg

 photo ethiopia140_zps34c39b60.jpg

 photo ethiopia142_zpsa4592d05.jpg

 photo ethiopia139_zpsb1555c1a.jpg

The kids back-kicking skills in soccer made the guys in our group look like soccer rejects...
 photo ethiopia131_zps9e3b4b82.jpg

Coffee ceremonies that include freshly, fire-roasted coffee and popcorn, which happen to be my two food obsessions. Was I meant to fall in love with this country or what!?!
 photo ethiopia87_zps426d5340.jpg

Steven's bald white head was quite a novelty...
 photo ethiopia115_zps34f90f22.jpg

 photo ethiopia116_zpsc9e1e5a9.jpg

Beautiful little voices; I can still hear them in my head...
 photo ethiopia109_zps676ba35b.jpg

I painted hundreds of sweet little nails because getting a pedicure makes you feel special no matter where you live...
 photo ethiopia113_zps8d1329c1.jpg

 photo ethiopia114_zpse6059eb8.jpg

 photo ethiopia97_zps9378fdf1.jpg

 photo ethiopia88_zps8e248f3c.jpg

Our team...
 photo ethiopia53_zps564d6bf9.jpg

Can you spot my husband...
 photo ethiopia24_zpsef67a7a3.jpg

 photo ethiopia45_zpsbdab7a85.jpg

 photo ethiopia46_zps0828ef84.jpg

Berbere peppers- if you love Ethiopian food, now you know where the Bebere spice comes from...
 photo ethiopia30_zps712f5d9d.jpg

 photo ethiopia5_zps4c52b4b4.jpg

 photo ethiopia6_zps54fb32e6.jpg

 photo ethiopia7_zps6ff5704c.jpg

 photo ethiopia10_zpscfe7f221.jpg

 photo ethiopia117_zps9800d2a8.jpg

 photo ethiopia95_zpsafc2abab.jpg

The show of an American-ish back-flip...quite the attraction...
 photo ethiopia166_zpsb0163a2e.jpg

 photo ethiopia155_zps7e0a80c8.jpg

 photo ethiopia152_zps1bbcb42b.jpg

 photo ethiopia146_zps518c3fc0.jpg

Wherever we went, a crowd gathered outside the gates...
 photo ethiopia148_zps0049565a.jpg

 photo ethiopia123_zpsddfaa2da.jpg

 photo ethiopia121_zps8246226e.jpg

 photo ethiopia165_zpsab5422fc.jpg

The girl to the left was in a children's home since her mother was dying. She latched on to me the moment I entered and as I left asked if I could be her mommy. Heart. Break....
 photo ethiopia18_zps65cde962.jpg

 photo ethiopia143_zpsff479a19.jpg

 photo ethiopia37_zps3cd41174.jpg

 photo ethiopia190_zps58fdd029.jpg

 photo ethiopia144_zpscf39dadf.jpg

Remember I said stunning beauty and poverty. Their local flowers side by side with a local school room...
 photo ethiopia171_zpsd33f000f.jpg

 photo ethiopia211_zpsfb400e68.jpg
 photo ethiopia84_zps36dd3cd1.jpg

The driver that kept us from dying. Think New York City with no traffic lights...
 photo ethiopia92_zps04535620.jpg

 photo ethiopia213_zps862b8315.jpg

 photo ethiopia68_zps994410ab.jpg

We walked away rejoicing at all God is doing, seeing a huge need for resources, having a longer prayer list, and envisioned about where our hearts and money can be used. And to be honest, we can't wait to go back. This country is now tattooed on our hearts.

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