Sunday, January 28, 2007


I remember multiple days when I only had Isaiah that I was at a loss for what else to do with him. On these days, we might have run an errand or two, read all the books he owned, played with every toy in his room, and sung every song I knew. Then I would sit there with my 8 month old looking at me, as bored as a two by four; and I would wonder what to do next.
While having three kids as opposed to one is far more work, there are some things that are easier. Adriana is never bored. Although she has "alone time" and "mommy time" almost every day, one of her favorite things to do is interact with her brothers. She also spends long amounts of time content merely watching them play. She often sits munching on a Lego (the big kind) while they build a Lego skyscraper. To her, they are the most interesting people.
The boys return the adoration. They greet her each morning or post-nap time with "Hello, Beautiful." "Hi, Gorgeous." "Mom, Pretty Girl is up!" I thought, at the beginning, that she might be a novelty that they would eventually tire of; but not so. They worry about her constantly, beg to hold her, and dote on her hourly.
I caught an example of this with Elijah. When you're the little princess, you don't even have to hold your own teething toys!:

Once, I asked Isaiah what he was going to do if some boy liked Adriana when she was older.
"We're going to make him run!" was his reply.
I truly pity the first boy to have interest in our Adriana. For his sake, I hope he's a fast runner...

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