Friday, January 5, 2007

Four Years Old

Have you ever wondered when children cross the line from little kids to big kids? I've always thought it was subjective depending on the child's personality and environment. I found out the other day that this theory is completely false. Isaiah cleared up the misunderstanding in a teaching moment I overheard him having with his brother.

"Elijah, you are three. Three is little. I am four. Four is big."

In his mind four is very, very big. Big enough to boss your brother around; big enough to carry you baby sister across the room (until Mom catches you and flips out); big enough to question your mother; big enough to do anything that your teenage aunts and uncle can do. He was frustrated yesterday when we took a walk, and he couldn't manage to push the (very heavy) double stroller more than a few yards.

The problem is, when I try to talk with my mom about the difficulties of raising a bossy oldest and dealing with his arrogant sin issues, I get no sympathy. Hmmm... I wonder why.

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  1. Sorry, I'm with the non-sympathizers. You used to boss ME around, and I was six months older! lol... I bet Isaiah is quite the fun little drill sargeant :). I'm very impressed you're blogging AND taking photos with THREE kids! No other child of ours will ever get nearly the media coverage that Elaina manages to get :). Fortunately, she's blissfully unaware that she's a blogstar, and it hasn't gone to her head yet! I just hope I'm halfway as together as you are with three kids by the time I get there! - Caroline


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