Monday, January 22, 2007


We finally received our first snowfall of the year. I wasn't even sure it would come since we were experiencing 75 degree weather a few weeks ago. I had tried to prepare my boys for the fact that they might have to wait until next year to play with their sleds. But sure enough, it came.
I will make great effort in this posting to stay away from my "Virginians don't know how to handle snow" jokes (i.e. cars all over the side of the road, long lines at the grocery store to grab every last bottle of water so that we can wait out the 2 hr. snow fall well hydrated, schools shut down at the first sighting of a snowflake...) and just share some photos of my snow-frolicking children.

Isaiah was the most excited about the whole experience:

Elijah was excited until he realized that he had to bundle up like an Eskimo. My son, who'd rather run around all day in his underwear, wasn't too happy about that:

Adriana went outside with Daddy long enough for a picture commemorating her first snowfall:

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  1. Alyssa,
    How is it that I have NEVER in my quarter-century-long life owned a fur jacket, yet both of our not-yet-walking girls get to?! Coincidentally, our nanny got Elaina the SAME exact coat as Adriana has! They must have little twinkie wardrobes! :) That photo is precious, and your boys are equally as cute in their outdoor adventures. I hope you have better luck with A. in fur coats than I did with E. She ate her collar, and got so much fur in her mouth, she was gagging on hairballs all day. lol... Glamour gone bad! Take care, Caroline


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