Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy Belated Christmas

Here are some pictures of some of our Christmas celebration. We went a little overboard photographing our daughter on her first Christmas. (Oh, how cute; she's looking at a gift!" "Oh, how cute; she's raising one eyebrow as she looks at a gift." "Oh, cute; she's smiling and drooling as she looks at the gift again!") So I'll spare you the seventy-five or so pictures that we took of her and just post a portion of them. I'll even post a couple pictures of our poor photographically neglected boys.

One of our own little family traditions on Christmas Eve morning is to eat Panera Bread bagels while sitting on a picnic blanket in the living room and watching a Christmas movie:

The littlest elf:

"These are all for me...":

Having children has made Christmas more exciting:

"What are you supposed to do with this thing?":

"Oh, now I understand!":

"Grammy, no one told me that Christmas was going to be so tasty!":

The boys with one of their favorite gifts:

Making faces with Papa (in the background you can see some of the debris from exchanging gifts within a family of 14):

I'm not the only one having fun dressing Adriana:

Santa Hawes and his fiancee:

"Take me away, Rudolph!":

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