Thursday, March 6, 2008

Geese and Random Bits

Some warmer weather has been here, and we've enjoyed some sunny walks. Our community has two ponds which the geese frequent. And even though Elijah is deathly afraid of getting "geese poop" on his shoes, all my kids love to bird watch.
I recently found out that one of my photos was stolen from Flickr *sniff* and used on someone's site. They even covered my watermark with their own. It was weird to see my artwork on the Internet claimed as someone else's, but I know it's all too common. Steven and I talked about what to do and decided that, while I'll do what I can to have it removed, I should not let one person's actions change my internet photo-sharing.
We took Adriana to a check-up at the doctors this morning. As my daughter stood wide-eyed and shy, the doctor asked me child development questions. One of them was, "Does she say any words?" I almost snorted and wanted to respond, "Give her an hour to warm up, and she'll have bared her whole heart to you." But I held my mommy-pride and answered with a simple, "Yes."
On the subject of talking, I wanted to share a few little boy quotes. We've had a couple anatomy questions from the boys (help!), but I'll spare you and only share the cutesy ones:
-We were discussing race cars when Isaiah concluded, "But God is the fastest in the university!"
-As Isaiah was drawing a surprise picture for me he said, "Don't look, Mother, [I've been "Mother" since he recently became obsessed with the book Farmer Boy.] It wouldn't even be remotely funny if you saw this."
-Elijah told me that he knew what he wanted to get Isaiah for next Christmas. I told him to keep the idea to himself and that maybe he could use it when we go Christmas shopping nine months from now. He asked, "Can I tell you?" Since Isaiah was standing right next to me I told him that I didn't think that would be a very good idea. Bursting with the secret, he said, "I'll tell myself in my room!"


  1. We moved here in 2004. We committed to be here for five years just to "leave and cleave". It's been great. We are thinking about moving again after the five years is up to Oregon. We are asking for vision for what we are supposed to do then. So many questions to answer in the next two years....should I homeschool D'arcy, where should we move, what jobs will we have.
    We live about an hour south of Sean & Shannon. We see them about twice a year.
    Why did you guys move to Virginia?

    So...I went onto "Flourish" the site that has all of her actions and textures. Beautiful. I have photoshop 7 so if I bought some of these I could use them. Do you have all of them? Which ones are your favorites?

  2. Whoa, how messed up that someone stole your picture! I am so sorry to hear that girl. I hope it doesn't happen again!


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