Monday, March 3, 2008

My Big Girl


  1. wow, look how pretty she is getting!!! Well she really doesn't have a choice, with 2 beautiful parents and all :)

  2. Yes, I absolutely remember meeting you several times. You were in Julie's wedding, pregnant with baby number one. I also remember meeting you a couple of years ago. Your son was in the nursery with D'arcy at ICF while we were home visiting. I didn't realize that your husband's name was Stephen (with a ph) or your middle name was the same (mine doesn't have that very elegant e at the end, though). I also thought it was interesting that we both are very interested in photography, and that our husbands both got layed off last year (Stephen was out of work for about three months).
    Loved, loved, loved you pictures on your blog and on your photography site. You'll have to tell me how you achieve that aged look. I use GIMP for all my special editing touches which is the open source equivalent to Photoshop.
    I really enjoyed reading your blogs, especially the ones about your favorite mommy things and your daughter's clothing plan.
    Glad to hear from you. Feel free to lurk.

  3. Not to mention her INCREDIBLY good looking (and insanely modest) Papa!


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